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ClustrMaps on Moodle

ClustrMaps HTML installation instructions for Moodle users

QUICK SUMMARY (details below):

  • copy the ‘ClustrMaps HTML’ provided by us;
  • log in to your Moodle admin page;
  • “Turn editing” on… “Add” new HTML Block… Go to HTML “editor code mode”
  • paste the ‘ClustrMaps HTML’, then save the changes to your block

PHASE I: Copy your ClustrMaps HTML code

1. Log in to your ClustrMaps ‘Admin’ page by clicking on the Admin link at the top of any ClustrMaps page, or going directly to: http://www.clustrmaps.com/admin/action.php (use your URL as your username, and the password you have been sent, or the password you changed it to)

2. On your admin page, you will see a box containing the relevant HTML code. CHOOSE CODE OPTION [B] that is provided: Click in the box with your mouse and select ALL of that text (you can use the two keyboard keys CTRL+A to select all of it)

3. Now copy that HTML (you can use the two keyboard keys CTRL+C to perform this, or right-click with the mouse and select ‘Copy’); you will then paste it into your web page later on below.

PHASE II: Moodle-specific instructions

Thanks to enthusiastic user Gautam Saha for this tip:

4. You can add the ClustrMaps HTML to your Moodle site as follows (this applies to Moodle version 1.92 and above):

Gautam writes,

It is best to embed the Clustrmap html code on the main root entry page of a Moodle site. This will ensure that you get the maximum exposure for your site and also to show off Clustrmaps. Embedding the code inside your course pages will only gets statistics for authenticated users and will dramatically decrease the hits.

a) On the Moodle page, log in as Admin user

b) “Turn editing” on

c) Click on “Add” new HTML Block

d) Go to the HTML “editor code mode” of this new Moodle block and, using the HTML code that you copied at step 3 above, paste that code into the block (you can use the two keyboard keys CTRL+V to paste the code once it has been copied).

e) Save the changes to your block.

f) Be patient for the dots to appear (because we rely on overnight updates to your map, itt may take an extra day for this to happen).

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