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ClustrMaps on Movable Type

[UPDATE AUGUST 2008: MT4 instructions may be found in this posting on TheEnergizedTech]

From enthusiastic user Mark Bedford we have received the following:

For those of you that don’t know Movable Type is the ‘Enterprise’ version of Typepad that you install and host yourself on your own chosen web server. Here’s how to install a Clustrmaps map on your Moveable Type blog, im using version 3.32 but it shouldn’t really change how you do this between versions as your just changing the main template for the blog.

1. Generate the Clustrmaps HTML code like normal, you can use the ‘[A] Recommended HTML’ from the Clustrmaps site and copy it [CTRL+C]
image002.jpgClick to enlarge

2. Log into Moveable type’s web backend at the usual address, choose your blog you want to edit and click ‘Templates’

image004.jpgClick to enlarge

3. Click the ‘Main Index’ Template to edit it.
image006.jpgClick to enlarge

4. Scroll to the bottom of the code and insert your Clustrmaps HTML code into the template code where you want it to appear on your blog. I chose just above the ‘Site Powered by Moveable Type x.xx’ text on the sidebar.
image008.jpgClick to enlarge

5. Once finished click the ‘Save and Rebuild’ button and then the view site button on the left to see your blog and now it’s Clustrmaps inserted map.
image010.jpgClick to enlarge

Thanks, Mark!

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