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About ClustrMaps

Locate all site visitors. Fast. Free. (Get one…)

ClustrMaps is a free thumbnail hit counter map that shows the locations of all visitors to your site, even when the numbers are enormous! Visitors don't need to click on anything: just viewing your page is sufficient.

One thumbnail map on your site shows it all: We provide (free) the HTML that gives you a thumbnail map, like the one on the right. When it loads, it increments a counter and shows the locations of all the visitors to your page, cumulatively (even for huge numbers). Clicking on it zooms in to a big world map, and (optionally) lets you zoom in to the continents.

A reduced-size sample is shown below:

Sample ClustrMaps zoomed images

Visit the main ClustrMaps site for details, or go directly to the ‘Get one!’ page to sign up for your free account.

Why two sites?

Our main site, www.clustrmaps.com, is where you will find all the details of how to register, product information, FAQs, and so on.

We keep this WordPress/blog site separate because it allows us to be more agile and responsive in our news updates. Moreover, it also provides a fallback/backup site in case of any unexpected downtime on the main site.


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