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ClustrMaps overtakes Frappr, Platial May 19, 2008

Posted by ClustrMaps Team in News.

Note the red line increasing left to right, showing that ClustrMaps has eclipsed both Frappr and Platial, at least in terms of monthly visits (according to Compete ) and/or page views (according to Alexa in the image further below).

Frappr (blue) vs ClustrMaps (red) vs Platial (green), monthly visits

Sure, we appreciate that our geolocation tools are addressing different niches, and that we have other esteemed rivals in the narrower space of geographical/map-based hit counter widgets, and that much depends on which statistics and which sources you look at! However, we are extremely heartened by these graphs, which you can confirm directly by visiting the respective sources and typing in the respective domain names [or visiting this Compete permalink for the graph above, and this Alexa permalink for the graph below].

This is tremendous news for us, especially since ClustrMaps is a closely held privately-financed small startup, whereas both Platial/Frappr (the former owns the latter) are heavily-financed by external investment, and have based much of their respective business models on their huge number of page views (e.g. numbers widely touted when Platial purchased Frappr). We haven’t done much boasting in this space, and have been a bit protective of our registered user numbers (OK, it’s well into six figures), even though certain statistics are deducible from sources like the ones quoted here. Well, soon it’s going to be time to start boasting. Onward and upward!

Alexa says:

Frappr (blue) vs ClustrMaps (purple) vs Platial (off-green) page views

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1. Max - June 26, 2008

Oh my god! It is a lot of traffic… My congratulations!
But I have not understood, compete.com is analogue Alexa?

2. ClustrMaps Team - June 26, 2008

Compete and Alexa are in the same ‘niche’ (as well as many other rival tools, including Quantcast, Comscore, the new Google Web Trends, and others), but use very different approaches… you must visit their sites to see the details!

3. Web Marketing Network - August 3, 2008

Amazing, both graphics show positive results. Congrats!

4. serfman - August 18, 2008

My congratulations!!!

5. the interweb - August 19, 2009

actually frappr was made by 3 dudes with no investment and in its hay day is much bigger than clurstmaps. the only reason you are “bigger” is because platial and frappr is gg after the founders left. “winning” by default is a sorry way to go, enjoy having your lunch eaten by google

6. ClustrMaps Team - August 19, 2009

Hi – we’re also small, with no investment, and hadn’t taken into account Frappr’s equally modest start and meteoric initial rise; also, we agree with you that it has nothing to do with ‘winning’ … we are always respectful of our ‘esteemed rivals’ as we mentioned in the original posting, and our main point, in our own words, was that ‘we are extremely heartened by these graphs – it was big news for us so we were proud!

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