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No cookies, no spyware: guaranteed! April 15, 2007

Posted by ClustrMaps Team in News.

[UPDATE: See posting of 27th March 2009 about new privacy/cookie wording]

Recently some of our users have written to us to comment that some other analysis tool providers have warned them about yet other statistics/analysis/counter tool providers that use cookies connected to advertising campaigns. There is what we believe to be a representative blog listed below that has some theories about who it is, which I have just located by searching among various blogs using blogsearch.google.com – so their opinions are entirely their own:


What I tell our users is the following: ClustrMaps Ltd. is 100% committed to privacy, we do NOT forward any information about anything to anyone, and there is no spyware and no software downloading involved (our thumbnail map is a simple .jpg image, that is all, and it gets counted at our server after that .jpg is served up, along with the IP address of the computer viewing it – that is all).

So all information is private, and a full statement of our privacy policy, including our policy on cookies (WE DO NOT USE COOKIES!) can be found here:

(bottom of page).

So there you have it: we have never used cookies – we don’t need them! Our claim to fame is that we provide an impossibly large-scale visualisation in an impossibly small space, all impossibly fast. Cookies would slow us down – and you too!

[UPDATE: See posting of 27th March 2009 about new privacy/cookie wording]

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